We encourage artists to think big and to use the spaces we have at our disposal. That includes interior and exterior wall and door surfaces for muralism and garden areas for sculpture.

They are available to view on any visit when we’re open, and are updated seasonally.

Currently on show:

1. The Pavement Piece:

‘Middle Eastern Fusion’ by Hatiq Mohammed aka Teakster

Spraypaint, digital wallpaper. 2019

The first part of this art piece was created during the ‘Time & Place’ sculpture show april 2019,; the 8ft square installation features 2 striking religous patterns crashing together or being torn apart, depending how you see it.

This first layer was painted using stencils, masking tape and spray can.

After a month, the initial layer was covered over, pasted out with wheat-pasted bespoke digitally-printed wallpaper that features a further 2 patterns with different patterns that have spiritual and cultural associations.


Hatiq says:

“This is a living mural that will organically change over time as the top layer erodes, revealing different patterns underneath. Everyone will see a different version of the mural. It has been created using the three core elemnts of Islamic Art; Calligraphy, Arabesque and Geometry.”

website: www.teakster.co.uk

Insta- Teakster_art

2. The Art Door

‘Astral Journey’ by Stanislav Genov

Spraypaint and acrylic, 2019

Our second exterior painting is a portal into imagination, a door within a door, within a profound universe.

Friend to the centre Stan painted this piece live at the ‘Art & Music’ event on 1st June 2019.


3. WAC Signs by Dan Wilson

Alubond, geo-alu frame, OSB board, vinyl, spraypaint and enamel paint. Installation to church space, 2019

Created by ‘artist-in-residence’ Dan in May 2019 for the ‘Time & Place’ sculpture show, this installation/signwork was designed to disrupt the traditional view of the old church building- to be functional as well as visually striking.

The piece needed to be as low impact as possible as the building is Grade 2 listed, and so the sculptural element is cleverly installed from the iron drainpipe.

It upcycles lots of materials that were going to be skipped when Dan and fellow artists, printers, ceramicists etc were evicted from Commercial Square Studios in 2018- This was a  community of over 50 artists and makers that were forced out of a local old furniture factory by developers and Wycombe District Council, sadly fracturing a thriving and affordable local creative scene.