We encourage artists to think big and to use the spaces we have at our disposal. That includes interior and exterior wall and door surfaces for muralism and garden areas for sculpture.

These were our first installations from 2018 when Arts4every1 became Wycombe Arts Centre.


  1. The Pavement Piece

Our first street art painting was an 8x8ft square on the side of our Cafe Space.

‘Home is where the art is’, Forpe 2018. Masonry paint & Acrylic Inks.

Painted at the centre rebrand partay in May 2018 by Mr Forpe, this awesome street piece featured Beast on his way back to his creative Dojo in the FreeDoom Realm…

Darrell is by day a local Graphic Designer in Marlow, and this animated alternate world he’s created as a comic creator and street art fairytale story-teller is super inspiring! Check out his amazing work Freedoom work and buy prints & zines at Death by Heroism.com.

2. The Art Door

Cafe Space’s 2nd street art area or ‘The Art Door’, was initially painted with a passionate soulful piece called ‘Illumination’ (Gloss and Enamel paint) by artist, performer and talented dancing baker Lorraine M Tong. 

Lorraine planned the piece to reflect her combined passions for dance, performance and art.


As well as doing amazing unique musical performances she has also been involved with the Centre since early ‘Arts4Every1’ days. Visit her ‘Dancing Baker’ stall at Wycombe Market on a saturday, say hi and get some delicious cakes and goodies!

3. The Studio Wall 

Art activist, insatiable book reader and vinyl junkie Rory Clark has painted one of his trademark street-art style images to the wall; His first ever large-scale painting, the symbolic birds and patterns he creates represent aspects of life.