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COVID Responsibility at Wycombe Arts Centre

Social Distancing

We’ve worked closely with the Music Venues Trust to follow government social distancing guidelines to the letter. We maintain a minimum distance of two metres between tables at our indoor and outdoor events, even when the official guidance is 1 metre+.

We’ve also switched many events to our Theatre Space and currently offer it for hire at the same rates as our Cafe Space to provide a larger space for socially distanced events.

Face Protection

Our employees wear face protection at all times while on duty, and we ask our guests to wear face protection whenever they’re not seated at a table.

We also provide free single-use face masks to visitors, and in a bid to protect both visitors and the environment, our bar manager Fran created free reusable face masks for visitors to our 2020 Lockdown Art Exhibition.

Our staff members also take weekly lateral flow tests and we provide free sanitiser and cleaning materials at every event.

Live performance

To ensure that our live music events are as safe as possible, we provide free disposable microphone covers for performers and encourage them to bring their own microphones and instruments wherever possible.

We’ve also launched our successful Music in the Garden series to provide the local community a COVID-friendly performance space in the open air. Both indoor and outdoor performances are socially distanced with table service, one-way systems and adequate ventilation.