Date(s) - 21/11/2020
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


A FREE two-hour taster session to indulge some of your wildest fashion fantasies!

All revolving around the recycling, upcycling, reconstruction, customising and re-purposing of clothing and individual garments.

This will be a great way to experience firsthand all that will be involved in our forthcoming series of ten workshops.

Techniques, materials, methods and experimentation will be discussed through photos, samples and a wide variety of clothing. The emphasis will be on creativity.

Don’t be put off if you have little or no sewing skills as there will be a variety of projects to suit everyone. This course won’t suit those who wish to “learn” about dressmaking (we won’t be producing twee little frocks) but will instead be about creativity and imagination.

We’ll discuss what materials will be supplied and what you’ll need to bring. If you have a sewing machine, bring that along during week one, as well as any materials of your own that you might like to work with such as threads and your favourite scissors, paper, fabric and pins.

There will be samples at the venue for you to look at, as well as opportunities to ask questions and explore. Expert help will be on hand at all times.

About The Tired DressmakerThe Tired Dressmaker

From shops in Chester to shops in Kensington High Street and finally in High Wycombe, Juliet has had a varied and exciting career in the fashion and costume industry that spans 40 years.

Some famous customers and wearers of Juliet’s designs include Cyndi Lauper, Pepsi and Shirley and Sinitta, and her clothes have been featured on Channel 4, MTV and Top of the Pops.

Juliet is also a fully qualified lecturer of fashion and textiles and has been involved in a variety of theatre companies as a designer and wardrobe mistress.

Juliet designs and creates a great many commissions ranging from prom dresses to wedding dresses, theatrical costumes and fancy dress. Find out more at


Read on to view the schedule for the full workshop, which is due to take place in early 2021.



Week One: January 23rd 2021

In keeping with the current climate (Covid-19), you’ll be encouraged to design and create your own mask from the materials supplied on the day. The pattern used will be basic but can be “tweaked” to create variety. Or you can paint and draw characters on your mask and experiment with colour, texture and material.

And how about a matching bow?

Have you ever produced a mood board for ideas and inspiration? A mood board is an arrangement of images, textures, materials, sketches and ideas to evoke or project a particular style or concept. It’s also a visual tool and the first draft of a project, a visual aid to progression.

There will be a small demonstration throughout the weekly sessions that will enable you to practice the methods and examples demonstrated.

Week Two: January 30th

Continuing on from the previous week and ensuing discussions, demonstrations and experimentation, there will be a variety of opportunities to create a bag and/or a junk journal.

We’ll continue to examine a variety of textiles and look at fabric painting and working with the lovely medium of Angelina fibre

We’ll continue to draw on ideas from your mood boards and add ideas and inspiration so that the mood board will be ready for week five.

Weeks Three/Four: February 6th/13th

Weeks three and four will include thread painting (for those with machines) and continuing to make your bag/junk journal, adding embellishment, practice pieces, fabric samples and painting textiles and working with Angelina fibre and decorative pockets.

All this in readiness for creating those final pieces. Throughout this period of exploration we’ll be patchworking and re-cycling garments and materials.

For week five, you’ll be asked to choose garments from our own collection or to bring your own to work on.

Week Five: February 20th

By week five, you should have a choice of garments to work on and customising will begin in earnest. All your ideas, experiments and creative acumen will now be directed towards producing and re-purposing your catwalk beauties!

The previous sessions will have allowed you to experiment and ultimately to make your individual choice of garment and materials to be used.

You’ll have had – and will continue to have – advice and guidance at every stage of your creation, including guidance on personalising and the detail of design.

That same advice will apply to helping you choose your fabric and trims, as well as helping you to put your ideas into practice.

Weeks Six – Nine: February 27th – March 20th

These four weeks will be our busiest – the culmination of weeks of experimentation, make do and mending, fabric and thread painting.

Now we’ll concentrate on your catwalk creation(s), customising and re-fashioning them and working to the designs and working drawings you’ve devised with your tutor’s guidance.


Week Ten: March 27th

The culmination of all those weeks of creative industry. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and finish tweaking all your fabulous creations. Discussions will begin in earnest on plans to showcase your gorgeous garments in a fashion show in April.