Signdance Collective ( is a touring performance company based at Wycombe Arts Centre.SDC was established in 2001. The core of the company is culturally diverse with a team of experienced deaf and disabled artists at the helm.  


From 1987 to 2000, the company directors pioneered “signdance theatre”, a fusion of sign theatre, dance and live original music. Since 2001, Signdance Collective has continued to evolve signdance theatre by initiating national and international collaborations and working alongside innovative artists, theatre philosophers and performance companies across the world.  
 Signdance Collective has worked with hundreds of people of all ages throughout the UK and internationally; delivering workshops, and producing new work. The company is one of the first in the world to utilize and introduce the concept of inclusive practice with a specific focus on diverse disability deaf led teamwork. The company is made up of artists with Caribbean, European, African, and British backgrounds who are Deaf, Physically Disabled, and Blind, Sighted, Hearing and Non-disabled.

The work is in demand internationally and nationally. Between 2018 & 2019 SDC collaborated with several established distinguished organizations as well as emerging companies and artists across the World such as Ana Monro Slovenia, Kate Lawrence’s Vertical Dance UK, and FormidAbiliity UK.  The company has strong and developing partnerships, both nationally further afield.  
SDC is known for mixing art forms to create ‘innovative and creatively brilliant performances’ (Diversity Awards, BBC).  The company develops the art form signdance theatre through ensemble work, creating both small works and large community ensemble international pieces of signdance.  SDC embraces working across a wide theatrical ecology, from traditional theatre, studios, large scale staged arenas, at outdoor festivals and within a street theatre context. Since its origins, diversity has been at the heart of the company’s work and with an accessible and cosmopolitan nature SDC forges real engagement with a range of diverse artists involved in the creation of the work. 


‘In Between Spaces’
” What are these in-between spaces now, in 2019? Technology allows us to seem to be in more than one place at once, air travel moves us across continents and oceans, so we can experience different cultures almost at the push of a button. These innovations should make us empathize so much more with each other as humans as we get to know and understand our differences, and yet brutal wars and injustice persist.  How we navigate this fast-changing world and really connect to each other is the stuff of this new work.” Kate Lawrence Movement Director