Live Music at Wycombe Arts Centre
Live Music is a big part of what we do at the centre, we’re passionate about getting people involved in music from gigs and special events featuring up and coming local musicians to open mic nights for new musicians to showcase their talents. Our commitment to the arts really drives us to discover unique, creative content and we love to hear new takes on things! If you are a local musician, band or music lover make sure you join us at one of our upcoming events,

Live Gigs at Wycombe Arts Centre

We host a huge amount awesome live music with a great selection of varying styles and genres in our awesome Cafe and Old Church space, with some fantastic gigs, concerts and festivals with talented performers. Make sure to check out one of our next upcoming gigs!

Get Involved...

We love to hear new music from young up and coming talent and try to give artists the best platform of opportunities to showcase their stuff with open mic nights, jam sessions along with special showcase gigs for young bands and creatives wanting to show of their sound! Get in touch …

Upcoming Live Music at Wycombe Arts Centre

There are no upcoming events at this time