Signdance Collective Presents In Between Spaces

Signdance Collective, a culturally diverse touring performance company with a team of experienced deaf and disabled artists at the helm, returned to Wycombe Arts Centre for their In Between Spaces project. 

In Between Spaces is a live show which combines image, music, dance-theatre and spoken word poetry to create a unique experience for an audience. The story follows a journey of two souls perambulating in a world outside of time. Are they the first humans on Earth? Are they the last? Are they even human or just echoes of a digital mind?

The In Between Spaces project took place in 2020 with production rehearsals and workshops with Social Link, as well as an open afternoon preview and community performance collaboration with Social Link Wycombe. 

An open rehearsal took place on February 28th with an evening premier on February 29th.


“I feel like I watched a feature film and now I’d like to see it all over again!”  Audience member at Wycombe Arts Centre 

 In Between Spaces centres on four characters who perambulate in a world outside of time. A meeting between a man, a woman, time and an Oracle takes place in between the space of the digital world and reality. Nobody is sure if they’re human or digital echoes electronically seared into our minds.

The story investigates identity in the age of transient digital glitches. Real-life experiences become tangled within digital interactions.  Among hopes of sunny days, memories of bus trips and alleyways, their paths mirror one another as they criss-cross between the screen and real-time. The work explores whether humans can exist and communicate in two spaces at once and at what price.”

About Signdance Collective 

In 1987, Signdance Collective company directors Cuban Dancer Isolte Avila and well-known deaf actor David Bower (Four Weddings and a Funeral) pioneered “signdance theatre”, a fusion of sign theatre, dance and live original music. The company has toured extensively throughout the UK and across the world initiating national and international collaborations and working alongside innovative artists, theatre philosophers, festivals and performance companies to develop the genre of signdance theatre. SDC is known for mixing art forms to create “innovative and creatively brilliant performances” (Diversity Awards, BBC).     

The company champions signdance theatre through ensemble work, creating both small works and large community ensemble international pieces of signdance. 

SDC embraces working across a wide theatrical ecology, from traditional theatre and studios to large scale staged arenas, outdoor festivals and street theatres. Since its origins, diversity has been at the heart of the company’s work and with an accessible and cosmopolitan nature, SDC forges real engagement with a range of diverse artists involved in the creation of the work.  


Cast and Collaborators 

David Bower – Artistic Director SDC/Performer (Wales, UK) // Isolte Avila – International Collaborations Director/Performer (Cuba/UK) // Angelina Schwammerlin – Composer/Performer (Austria) // Richard Gunstone – Composer (UK) // Rob Corcoran – Performer (Wales, UK) // Pedro De Senna Dramaturg (Brazil/UK) // Kate Lawrence – Choreographer (Wales, UK) // Ozan Gokmen – Director (Turkey) // Lionel Macauley – Spoken Word Artist/Poet/Performer (USA)


The project was developped with the following partners: Transmitter Performance Austria with composer Angelina Schwammerlin // 73Degree Film and Media Wales with film-maker Robert Corcoran // Wycombe Arts Centre and composer Richard Gunstone // Lionel Macauley/LMM Productions New Jersey with director Ozan Gokmen // Bornova Municipal Theatre Turkey Dramaturg Pedro De Senna // Middlesex University London and choreographer Kate Lawrence // Vertical Dance Wales