Theatre at Wycombe Arts Centre
Here at Wycombe Art Centre we host a huge amount of theatre and drama performances in our fantastic venues, both amateur and professional.

From cutting edge dramas to musicals, pantomimes and comedy sketch shows, we’ve been home to a huge selection of theatre companies, productions and talent, often before they

As part of our commitment to arts in the local community we also run periodic workshops, classes, clubs and exhibitions open for the public to get involved in.

Whether you’re an actor, director, set designer or writer, or you just love theatre, why not come along or get involved?

Current In-house Production Companies

Sign Dance Collective International

SDC are a touring performance company who are truly special.

Critically acclaimed, their unique shows transcend stereotypes and blur boundaries between dance, theatre, live music and song, new media, and language itself.

Truly international, the collective consists of 5 core members working with numerous collaborators.

SDC are supported by Arts Council England and (we are proud to say) rehearse regulary at Wycombe Arts Centre, planning, refining, and testing their shows before taking them on the road. The public are often welcome to these incredible sessions and performances, keep an eye on our calendar.

Check out the trailer for their stunning 2018 piece ‘Project Z’ and visit the dedicated website here 

SignDance are currently on tour throughout Wales with creative show ‘The Turtle Trials‘, a multimedia piece for young people and kids with environmental themes.



Wycombe Drama Guild

WDG are our current resident theatre company, since 2018.

With 8 regular members and even more contributors, the passion for performance of these unique talents has resulted in 3 fantastic shows since their residency began in early 2019.

‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ was the first production in March, a suitably anarchic descent into chaos, and ‘Bottom’s Dream’, the hilarious Shakepeare off-shoot, followed in August in the Old Church Theatre Space.


Currently auditioning for the next show ‘A Portrait of the Artist’, Wycombe Drama Guild look forward to seeing you at their next performance!