Theatre at Wycombe Arts Centre

Here at Wycombe Art Centre, we host a huge amount of both amateur and professional theatre and drama performances in our fantastic venues. We have an in-house company (the multi-disciplined and multi-talented Signdance Collective), as well as friends with many local production teams from Dread Falls Theatre to the Lane End Players.

From cutting-edge dramas to musicals, pantomimes and comedy sketch shows, we’ve hosted a huge selection of theatre companies, productions and talent, often before they went on to acheive national and international success.

As part of our commitment to arts in the local community, we also run periodic workshops, classes, clubs and exhibitions for the general public to get involved in. So whether you’re an actor, director, set designer or writer, or even if you just love theatre and want to take a peek behind the curtains, why not come along or get involved?

Current in-house production companies

Signdance Collective International

SDC are a boundary-smashing touring performance company. Critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic, their unique live shows transcend stereotypes and blur the boundaries between dance, theatre, live music and song, new media, and even language itself.

Recent Signdance projects include a tour through Wales with the show The Turtle Trials (a multimedia piece for young people and kids with environmental themes) and the Time Project, which took place during lockdown and brought together a network of songwriters and musicians, poets, actors/actresses and film-makers to create a stunning multimead exhibit that answers the question, “What does time mean to you?”

A truly international phenomenon, the collective consists of five core members working with numerous collaborators.

SDC are supported by Arts Council England and we’re proud to say that they regularly rehearse at Wycombe Arts Centre, planning, refining and testing their shows before taking them on the road. They also host regular live events at Wycombe Arts Centre, so browse our event listings for more or visit the official Signdance website.


Roundabout Creative Theatre

Roundabout Creative Theatre is an inclusive theatre group for anyone over the age of 17 who wants to have fun exploring and creating original local theatre.

The group is led by Alison and Soobie, two experienced community directors who met whilst training at The Royal Central School for Speech and Drama.

If you’re interested in finding out more, if you have any questions or if you want to reserve your place, please contact Soobie Whitfield and Alison Rogers at