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About Us

Wycombe Arts Centre is....

the name of the arts centre based in what was St John’s Church on Desborough Rd near High Wycombe Town Centre.

a pair of unique buildings that we call the Cafe Space and the Theatre Space, home to many forms of art and creativity. a community of local creative people, including musicians, artists, theatre groups and many more.

Our Mission

We offer a wide range of quality artistic events and participatory opportunities for artists, writers, musicians, actors, dancers and other creatives in the local area. We do this by:

  1. Providing a welcoming arts centre for all visitors, making a positive impact on the community.
  2. Presenting accessible, quality entertainment.
  3. Supporting activities for local professional and amateur creative groups and individuals.
  4. Creating engaging learning opportunities for the general public.
  5. Fundraising through sponsorships and outside grants (including the Arts Council and the Rothschild Foundation).
  6. Implementing initiatives that enrich and unite the arts, culture and community through innovative projects.
  7. Maintaining the buildings, grounds and services to a high standard.
  8. Ensuring long-term sustainability and future growth.

Think you can you help? We’d love to hear from you!

About High Wycombe

High Wycombe is a market town in Buckinghamshire, halfway between London and Oxford. Nestled alongside the River Wye in The Chiltern Hills — an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty — its semi-rural surroundings have inspired a rich history of skilled workers and talented makers.

Wycombe was first famous for its Mills manufacturing paper and flour, until the industrial revolution led to the town becoming famous for its thriving furniture industry.

Later on, during the early half of the 20th century, Wycombe’s factories made over 8,500 Mosquitos for the RAF, while nearby Hughenden housed dozens of top-secret map-makers.

We’re very aware of our rich heritage of award-winning artists and pop cultural icons, and we’re proud to showcase some of the newest and freshest talent that High Wycombe has to offer.

For more info on the town, visit the South East England tourist website.

Painting by Jan Gaska