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Visual Arts and Crafts at Wycombe Arts Centre


We’ve participated in numerous exhibition projects including Bucks Art Week, and during the coronavirus pandemic we were able to host a successful Lockdown Art Exhibition in which dozens of local artists were invited to share their work.

We’re constantly looking out for opportunities to curate new exhibits or to play host to touring exhibitions, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our events listings or to reach out to us if you have any suggestions.

In-House Arts Studio

Located to the rear of our Cafe Space, our in-house arts studio plays host to everything from screenprinting workshops to pottery classes thanks to local creatives including Kalkalata and Connie Fielder.

We keep our studio stocked up with all of the tools of the trade, from ink and clay to paper, pens and pencils. Our studio is also available for hot desking. 

The Cafe Space Gallery

Curated by our very own Tabitha Gunstone-Pollock, our Cafe Space Gallery shows off some of the best work that the local area has to offer.

Most of the work on display is priced and available for sale, so if a piece catches your eye, be sure to chat to a member of staff.

The gallery rotates every six months (running from Jan – Jun and Jul – Dec), and we encourage artists to reach out to us if they’re interested in exhibiting their work on a commission basis.

Art Club

Headed by Dan Wilson of Decreate, our art club is a weekly get together and open studio where local artists are welcome to come along and to create work in a social setting.

Art club is the perfect place for you to make connections and to get ongoing feedback for your work. Our arts studio is stocked with supplies and our gallery provides a natural place for the finished pieces to be displayed.


We host an ever-changing lineup of open days and workshops where we invite people to learn new artistic techniques from talented local artists. Our workshops range from screenprinting to fashion design and pottery.

Headed by our artist-in-residence, Dan Wilson of Decreate, our workshops programme is designed to be accessible and inclusive and to cater to people of all experience levels. Check out our website listings for more.

Painting and Art


You’ve probably seen our artists’ work around town! Our resident artist, Dan Wilson of Decreate, has worked with a team of local artists to create a street art gallery along Desborough Avenue.

We also have a rotating lineup of installations on our grounds and inside our spaces, including a diverse range of pieces by artists including Teakster, L127 and Decreate..

Community Projects

We’ve always been a community arts centre, and we see it as our mission to give back to the community however we can. As part of that, we’ve helped to spearhead a number of community projects in and around the area.

In partnership with resident artist Decreate, we’ve developed a street gallery along Desborough Road and helped local businesses with their signage and shutters. We’ve also facilitated art in and around the town centre, as well as community-based art events like #BreakingBarriers.



We work with a range of local artists to host exciting installations across each of our spaces, including our current installations artist  ​in residence Dr. C. who was awarded a grant by ACE to develop her practice My Imaginarium.

We’re always on the lookout for new artists to work with, so stop by and check out our current installations during one of our events or feel free to pitch a project to us via our contact page.

Sculpture and 3D Printing

Wycombe Arts Centre is home to a variety of sculptures, many of which have been created during Connie Fielder’s regular workshops, as well as 3D​-printed artwork by artist-in-residence ​Dr. C.

We’re always on the lookout for new pieces to display and regularly host arts workshops as part of our programming, so be sure to check out our events or to get in touch if you have an idea you’d like to share.


We have weekly Pottery sessions every Tuesday and Thursday with our resident potter Connie Fielder Ceramics. She also hosts occasional drop-in sessions on Saturdays. 

To learn more about Connie’s pottery sessions, browse our events listings to see when the studio is next open or contact Connie directly. You can also learn more on her website.



We’re big supporters of photography and of local photographers in particular. We host regular photography exhibitions like PhotoFresh, as well as featuring the work of local photographers at events like our Lockdown Art Exhibition.

Wycombe Arts Centre is also a regular haunt of local events photographers thanks to its unique spaces and quality entertainment. Regular visiting photographers include Neil Marshment, Simon Falconer, Mark Page, Andrei Spiridon and more. Get in touch if you’re interested in photographing or exhibiting in our spaces!

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Craft Fairs

Our arts and craft fairs showcase the work of artists and makers from the diverse community that surrounds us, and we’re always on the lookout for people who might want to exhibit.

We also love to work with makers with a vegan or environmentally-friendly ethos, and typically host our own fairs twice a year. We also partner with DAFT to host regular hybrid live music/craft fair events.