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Land-Marks Art Exhibition

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The Land-Marks Art Exhibition took place at Wycombe Arts Centre from Saturday 24th July to Saturday 31st July 2021, before exhibiting for one final day at West Wycombe House on Sunday 1st August.

Showcasing work from Sky Art’s Landscape Artist of the Year West Wycombe Heats, the multi-day event took place in association with the National Trust and Buckinghamshire Open Weekend.

The exhibition featured work by Dougie Adams, Gary Eite, Renata Fernandez-Zarauza, Rory Brooke, Shaun Morris, Sophia Broke and Jan Gaska, and took place in our magnificent Grade II listed Theatre Space.

We also invited a range of local musicians to perform on the two Saturdays, though inclement weather prompted us to change from “Music in the Garden” to “Music in the Cafe Space”.

Saturday 24th July played host to Jazz in the Garden Cafe Space featuring the Wycombe Arts Centre Jazz Workshop Band, Constant Rhythm Garden Machine, Catch 22 Jams and the Drop Downs.

And on Saturday 31st July, we played host to Music in the Garden Cafe Space featuring Chris Blackwell, Caitlin McEvoy, Bob Newell, Jake Cooper, Nick Atkinson, Phil Ryan and local legends* The Ilk with their album launch for 12 Step Programme.

* We have to say that because one of their members is our marketing manager and he’s in charge of our project pages.

As with previous exhibitions, we adhered to COVID safety best practices by arranging for artists to come in at staggered times to prevent overcrowding and to maintain social distancing.

We also required visitors to wear face masks (unless they had exemptions) and to check in at the front desk, with hand sanitiser and cleaning sprays available throughout the site.

All of this combined to make a stunning, thought-provoking and above all safe event for the dozens of visitors that we welcomed throughout the exhibition.

Land-Marks Art Exhibition
"We were very pleased to host the this exhibition of seven very talented artists who took part in the West Wycombe heat of the Landscape Artist of the Year competition. It was a great opportunity to bring the work back into the area in our wonderful gallery space, culminating with a one day exhibition at West Wycombe Park. The work was very varied in style and much appreciated by our visitors."
Ruth Gunstone
Ruth Gunstone
Centre Manager

West Wycombe House

After exhibiting at Wycombe Arts Centre, the exhibition also moved to West Wycombe House for Sunday 1st August.

Gary Eite, who was an instrumental member of the West Wycombe display team, wrote to us to say, “Many thanks for all your help with the exhibition. It looked fantastic, and thanks for hosting it. Also, thanks for allowing us to borrow the display boards to take them to West Wycombe. The day went well and it coincided with the first day the house was open again!”

He also shared a few photos of the exhibition in-situ at West Wycombe House, which you can view below.

"At Wycombe Arts Centre, we make it our mission to support and showcase the work of local artists. Hosting an exhibition by locals which was inspired by the area allowed us to shoot two flies with one bullet (a Czech expression I stole from Fran), providing a reminder to our visitors that High Wycombe and West Wycombe are a hub for creativity, the arts, historical heritage and natural beauty. Plus I got a free workout from helping to move the exhibition boards!"
Dane Cobain
Marketing Manager

Group Statement:

We’re a group of artists initially linked by participation in Sky Arts’ Landscape Artist of the Year West Wycombe heats, aired on television in 2021. We have kept in touch and are exhibiting together to show how our work has evolved up to, at and beyond the show. We all share an interest in bringing new ways of viewing and thinking about landscape. This includes: looking for fresh ideas for representing and rendering art; questioning and exploring issues and themes behind or overarching landscapes; unconventional and industrial subject matter; and historic perspectives and influences.