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105 Artists’ Hands: Touch Tell Create

Artist Cally Trench and designer Jane Glennie will be in conversation about Cally’s book of photographs, 105 Artists’ Hands: Touch Tell Create.

Cally Trench will talk about her project of photographing artists’ hands and working with the artists to create a book. At the heart of this exploration of hands are 105 photographs of artists’ hands that Cally Trench took between 2018 and 2020. For her, hands are as individual and as expressive as faces; they have as much variation and character.

Cally spent two years meeting artists at exhibitions, in their homes and studios, or in parks and online during lockdown, seeing their latest work, catching up on news, eating and drinking, and, on one occasion, swimming in the sea. In this book, the artists themselves also write about their hands, lives and work; they make clear the close and complex relationships of artists’ hands to their hearts, minds and eyes. In addition, the book contains entertainments, essays, stories, poems, and picture projects – all about hands – by over thirty of the artists.

Jane Glennie will discuss the design and how she made choices about format, layout and fonts, as well as her philosophy of book design.

105 Artists’ Hands: Touch Tell Create published by Peculiarity Press. Copies available to buy (£20).

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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Cafe Space


Cally Trench
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