A little bit of everything

17:30 – 24th April 2023 

“Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness and drives of the men and women who could change the world.” 

(Marcuse, 1978)

Exhibition Private view – Inauguration of the stepping-stones from the community-based project Pieces of Wycombe – Participatory works

Art has long been deeply entwined with social, political and cultural agendas. It is now widely accepted and recognised that Art impacts society, culture, politics, and community. 

As a part of the Fine Art curriculum at Buckinghamshire New University, students are encouraged to explore the transformative power of Fine Art through collaborative, socially engaged and participatory methods of working to gain the skills required to face future creative challenges. A Little Bit of Everything is the result of the students’ investigation of Fine Art as a platform for participation, activism and social change. 

Join us on the 24th of April 2023 at 17:30 at the Wycombe Arts Centre to celebrate in one evening three project outcomes. 

Mosaic Stepping Stone inauguration 

This event inscribes itself in the continuation of the community-based project led by the 2nd year Pieces of Wycombe in which students developed workshops for the Wycombe Art centre. The project aims were to celebrate High Wycombe through two mosaic workshops based on research and exploration of the local area and its history. The stepping stones act as a remembrance and a celebration. The mosaic reflects the participants’ diversity and the process’s collaborative nature. The stepping stones preserve some of the community’s contemporary history while referencing a more ancient past, the early roman settlement in Wycombe and the mosaic found in the Lido’s Rye.

The inauguration will take place at 18.00 in the Garden. 


In parallel, the 2nd year students will exhibit their personal creative responses engaging with the big issue of our time such as racism, discrimination, climate change, mental health and the cost-of-living crisis. 

Participatory project 

Finally, 1st year student will present their first participatory projects developed during the module Socially Engaged Practice. The visitors will be invited to experience the essence of the wildest dreams, create an abstract in no time, and recall school-life memories.

The exhibition space with both creative responses will be on view in the theatre space from 17.30. 

We are all looking forward to seeing you. Everyone welcome and light refreshment will be provided. 




5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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