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Art Foundation Course At Wycombe Arts Centre

Every 2nd & 4th Monday 7pm – 9pm in our Cafe Space.

With Tutor: Derek Ogbourne

This fun, dynamic class starts for most students as a practical introduction to the basics of drawing and painting. The structure of the classes is based loosely on the elements found in existing Fine Art Foundation Courses.
We will start by exploring the fundamentals of Perspective, Drawing in Proportion, Line and Form, Composition, Texture and Colour Theory. Drawing and painting what we see first then moving on to look into well known art movements like Cubism, Surrealism and approaches to Art like Abstraction, Collage, Froteage and Printmaking. Then lastly, encouragement to develop to your own work as artists through either set projects or if you want, you can just do your own thing.

If you decide that you want to make an Installation, do a Performance or create a Video Art work then the course allows you to go in the direction you want. This could be Textile based Design or Illustration and Graphic Design, the possibilities are endless where acquiring a good grounding in Art Foundation studies is essential in feeding the vital ‘Creative Industries’.

The rolling nature of the classes also suits an absolute beginner or hobbyist as well as those who have had some experience and have in mind using the classes to build a body of work to study the subject further.

Note: The materials used change every week so there is no need to bring in everything you have. A pencil, paper, a rubber and a sharpener is all that is needed for the first lesson. A materials list will be provided for future classes.

This course is run by Derek Ogbourne, a widely exhibited practicing artist with 25 years of teaching experience up to M.A level. which has included disciplines from Painting and Drawing to Video, Installation, Performance and Sculpture.
He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art (BA and MA) during the 1980’s and his most notable exhibitions include What Make You, What Makes You at the South London Gallery, Space International, Valencia, Spain and the Museum of Optography at Sharjah Foundation, UAE. His recent film ‘Bison Hill’ (2022) that won numerous awards at film festivals all over the world.


Introductory offer for the first 8 people to sign up for the launch session on 10th June.

  • 6 sessions = £60
  • 12 sessions = £120

After enjoying an introductory offer our standard prices, which are still great value, can be booked in multiple session numbers giving you the option to choose what you can afford making these classes far more accessible than standard art foundation courses.

  • 6 sessions = £72
  • 12 sessions = £132

Unsure? Book a taster session

  • 1 taster session = £12

Note: there is a small transaction charge when booking online & we can accept cash only if booking at the Centre.

Please feel free to share our flyer.

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7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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