Electronic Music Workshop at Wycombe Arts Centre

Exploring Sounds Electronic Music Workshop Taster Session

Join musician and QA engineer Mario Buoninfante for a two-hour taster session ahead of a new series of “Exploring Sounds” electronic music workshops.

The full course will start on Wednesday 22nd and last for six weeks, with each weekly session lasting for an hour and a half.

Tickets are available via Ticket Tailor and cost £5 + booking fee: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/wycombeartscentre1/555141

Taster Session Overview:

– Introduction to computer music and live electronics
– Historical overview
– Current status – from music to sound art
– Current status – the technology
– Pure Data: a visual multimedia programming language
– Live demonstration of an instrument developed in Pure Data

Exploring sounds: Introduction to Computer Music and Live Electronics


– Basics of sound in the digital domain
– Introduction to Pure Data (visual multimedia programming language – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_Data)
– Synthesis techniques (additive, subtractive, AM/FM) – sound generation
– Sampling techniques (record, play back and processing audio files) – sound manipulation
– MIDI controllers

During the course, slides (PDF) and Pure Data patches/examples will be provided to the attendees. In the last two sessions, each participant will focus on creating his/her instrument in Pure Data based on the techniques learned in the previous lessons.

BLOCK FEE:  £80 (six weeks)

Please note that we highly recommend attending the whole course. People who join for isolated/random lessons may find themselves unable to follow the topics that the rest of the class has been discussing since the start of the course.


– Monophonic synthesizer developed in Pure Data (sound generation): https://vimeo.com/249856807
– Granular synthesizer (sound manipulation): https://vimeo.com/255288717


08 Sep 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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