Hybrid Festival at Wycombe Arts Centre

Hybrid Festival: In Between Spaces by Signdance Collective

In Between Spaces is a live show which combines image, music, dance-theatre and spoken word poetry to create a unique experience for an audience. Brought to you by Signdance Collective.

The performance centres on five characters who perambulate in a world outside of time. A meeting between a Woman and a Man, Time, a Controller and an Oracle takes place in between the space of the digital world and reality.

A message from Signdance Collective:

See this fantastic diary about our international touring work through the eyes of @73degree film’s director Robert Corcoran. Next stop: Wycombe Arts Centre!

This event takes place as part of wider Hybrid Festival programming from 6th – 21st August 2021 by Signdance Collective in association with Wycombe Arts Centre.

The Hybrid Festival public engagement project is an in-person/post-lockdown event promoting creativity, confidence, unity and a sense of belonging. Highlights include Signdance Collective’s work-in-progress Oriente Plus, in-person and remote creative engagement opportunities at Islands workshops, “The Land of I” exhibition curated by Tabitha Gunstone-Pollock and MACA Nights in memory of Lionel Macauley.




7:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Theatre Space


Wycombe Arts Centre
01494 445517
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