Maz Manzini Band – Vinyl Launch

Saturday 12th November 7:30pm-11pm. FREE ENTRY!

Maz Manzini

Hailing from Middlesbrough, now based in High Wycombe, Maz Manzini has been
enchanting audiences around the UK and Europe for over a decade. Maz is a
musical storyteller, a passionate chord manipulator, harmonic schemer and
pulsating live performer. 

In March 2020 as the world began locking down Maz began work on a piece of
art….something to steel, inspire and uplift. ‘Nightingales’ was released digitally
last year to a great reception (review below). The much anticipated (and much
delayed) re-mastered and re-jigged limited edition vinyl has now landed and will
be available to buy on the night for £20 (cash only please).After support sets from
Jordanna Lucy Blake and Harry Quinn Maz will take to the stage for an extended
set with full backing band to give the record a proper kick up into orbit.



Looks like Signor Manzini has been busy during lockdown Nightingales is a musical tour
de force. This melodic tapestry is an organic homage to North Eastern roots woven of
nautical warp and industrial weft. Like a timeshift series of expeditions from a literal
and archetypical home harbour, it flits effortlessly & unpredictably in a way that the
Black Siren sea shanty that lilts into Caribbean pop and back, can’t possibly typify.
The album sets sail charting rocky relationships on new courses without cargo in
Remember Remember, and it comes home high via a joyous Smoggie Ezra-esque
fatherly musing on the future history of the life force nestling in their Little Bump. The
journeys in between veer from introspective angst to railing… to centred calm. Like the
ancient and modern electric guitar deep-dive lament of One Lion and the whole lotta
Getting Low; and the therapeutic acceptance that the river can’t be pushed and the
Rain can’t be stopped. At the same time Maz is unashamedly upbeat, seeking Seeds of
Hope and pushing on with the shapeshifting title track Nightingales, partly penned by
Wycombe dynamo Harry Quinn.

Maz is also delightfully irreverent throughout, kicking Gordon Ramsey in the preverbal
avocado euphemisms, and rocking the Teeside industrial Power in Steel mills like a
Manic Eddie Van StonePhonics with only the faintest of leather-clad wry smiles. 
This album defiantly evades classification, it’s freshup-trad, it’s fock-rolk (sic), it’s singer
songwrote, orchestrated, slick, live, pop-RnB. Class collaborative musicianship
produced with high precision studio witchcraft. Revealing layers of liminal nuance to
those willing to jump on for the ride. It’s a musical treasure-chest crafted with humility
and emergent vision. She’s a beaut.


Harry Quinn is a guitar-centric music maker mainly influenced by Pop, Soul and
Jazz music. His guitar packed and soulfully voiced debut album “Parallels” was
released on the 7th of April, 2017.
Highlights over the course of 500 shows between 2017-18 include headline gigs at
The Courtyard and Live At St John’s in London and a live performance on BBC
Three Counties Radio. In late 2019 Harry finished constructing a recording studio
inside an old horse stable where he recorded and mixed his second album, set for
release in November 2022.

Jordanna is a self taught singer/songwriter from Buckinghamshire.
Her sound is influenced by the female folk and blues musicians of the 1960’s.



12 Nov 2022


7:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Wycombe Arts Centre
Desborough Road High Wycombe HP11 2PU


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