Save the Princess

Following a smash hit Edinburgh Fringe debut in 2023, critically acclaimed theatre company The UnDisposables are thrilled to bring ‘Save the Princess’ to their local community in High Wycombe.

Princess Plum is about to be kidnapped… again! But this time, YOU hold the power to save her. Grab a controller and get ready to play ‘Save The Princess’. This is live theatre unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

An unexpected glitch thrusts our damsel-in-distress into the video game multiverse. Armed with nothing but a cryptic prophecy, Princess Plum embarks on a journey to find freedom. Using your smartphone, you become the master of Plum’s destiny. Will she find herself in a ‘Red Dead Redemption’ style showdown, a cutesy-yet-unsettling village akin to ‘Animal Crossing,’ or slap bang in the middle of a ‘Fifa’ inspired football field? The path Plum takes is entirely up to you!

In Act 2 you get an extra life! A second chance to save Princess Plum… or perhaps a chance to be as chaotic as possible? Will you right the wrongs you did in Act 1, or will you lead Plum down a path of rebellion? With 13 unique worlds and 6 possible endings to discover, audiences are guaranteed a unique experience in each act. No matter what you choose, prepare for side-splitting laughs and heart-pounding thrills in this interactive, choose-your-own-adventure spectacle! 

Disclaimer: You don’t have to be as nerdy as us to enjoy the show

Running time: 130 min including interval

Content warning: Contains strong language, adult themes, threat of sexual assault, gun violence, and a sense of responsibility… suitable for ages 12+ 

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Ticket pricing

£5 – Reduced rate for anyone who needs it
£10 – Standard price
£15 – Higher rate for those who can afford it

+ Transaction fees

The higher rate will go towards supporting the artists involved and enabling us to offer the reduced rate to those who need it.

We know that ticket price is a huge barrier for some, so this Pay What You Can model allows you to simply pick whichever ticket price is affordable for you, no questions asked.

Schedule – subject to change

6:45pm: Doors open
7:00pm: Show starts
7:00pm – 7:55pm: Act 1 (First Playthrough)
7:55pm – 8:15pm: Interval
8:15pm – 9:10pm: Act 2 (Extra life)

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6:45 pm - 9:15 pm

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