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Debate: Did Jesus Resurrect? – Dr Max Baker-Hytch and Ed Atkinson

7.45pm to 9.45pm – Wycombe Arts Centre

Please join us for an evening of respectful discussion on the topic of the Resurrection of Jesus. The first part will be a discussion between Max, a practising Christian, and Ed, an agnostic. After the break will be question time, so please come ready with your difficult questions for both Ed and Max! Despite the title, the format won’t be a formal debate.

Dr Max Baker-Hytch is Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University and a member of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University. His main research interest is the intersection of analytic philosophy of religion and epistemology and has just published a “God and the Problem of Evidential” Cambridge University Press.

Ed Atkinson grew up in an atheist family and converted to Christianity. After much personal research he is now is an agnostic who thinks the resurrection consisted in just natural events. He is part of High Wycombe Skeptics.

High Wycombe Skeptics aims to be an inclusive organisation, welcoming attendees from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders. Please respect others at our events, anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

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7:45 pm - 9:45 pm


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