Vivere: Sculpting Serenity

Two clay workshops open to adult and children to make dove as a part of a participatory art project with second year BNU students.

The project is motivated to unite a community to create a collaborative art piece on memory and connections between individuals. The outcome will be an installation of flying doves made from clay by the participants through two workshops.

The project honours the memory of Ruth, who managed the Arts Centre. The idea of doves comes from the theme of love, freedom, hope and friendships, like the idea of there always being two turtle doves. This also references the Arts Centre’s founder, ‘Dame Frances Dove.’ Clay is already celebrated in the art centre. As a medium, clay is forgiving and thus inclusive for all ages, non-dependent on artistic abilities, and incredibly instinctive to work with. Clay is tactile and holds for a long time once set due to its strength and longevity. Doves also represent the continuation of life and our connections with others. If people are not confid ent in their ability or do not wish to make a dove, they can also make a feather or reeds out of clay, linked in various cultures and religious stories of the past. This ties into the roots of the art centre, being a church for the working-class communities in High Wycombe in the past.

When installed together, the doves will symbolise people in the community coming together from all backgrounds and their individuality and uniqueness through the outcomes that will be produced.The clay pieces will be later displayed as an installation and as a part of an exhibition in the art centre to visually represent the unification of the participants through their work and show the connections and memories we all hold dear to ourselves.

Children (6/14 years old): Monday 12th February 2024 – 14.30 – 16.00

Adults: Monday 19th February 2024 – 14.30 – 16.00




2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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