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We work with a number of local artists (including our artist-in-residence Dan Wilson of Decreate) and are proud to showcase their work on-site.

Our oldest installations date back to 2018 and our collection includes interior and exterior wall and door art, as well as sculptures, paintings, photography and more.

Interested in exhibiting at the arts centre? Get in touch with us to find out more!

Arts Centre Sign

1. WAC Signs

Created by artist-in-residence Dan Wilson of Decreate in May 2019 for the Time and Place sculpture show, this installation/signwork was designed to disrupt the traditional view of the old church building. The aim was to be functional as well as visually striking.

The piece needed to be as low impact as possible as the building is Grade 2 listed, and so the sculptural element is installed to the iron drainpipe. It upcycles lots of materials that would otherwise have been thrown in the skip when Dan and fellow artists, printers, ceramicists etc. were evicted from Commercial Square Studios in 2018. This was a  community of over 50 artists and makers that were forced out of a local old furniture factory by developers and Wycombe District Council, sadly fracturing a thriving and affordable local creative scene. 

2. The Art Door #2

Updated for 2019, our second exterior painting is a portal into imagination, a door within a door within a profound universe. Friend to the centre Stan painted this piece live at the Art and Music event on 1st June 2019.

Astral Journey by Stanislav Genov 2019
Spraypaint and acrylic.

Art Door at Wycombe Arts Centre
Teakstar Mural at Wycombe Arts Centre
Middle Eastern Fusion, Hatiq Mohammed AKA Teakster 2019

3. The Pavement Piece #2 

The first part of this art piece was created during the Time and Place sculpture show in April 2019. The 8ft square installation features two striking religous patterns crashing together or being torn apart, depending upon how you see it. This first layer was painted using stencils, masking tape and spray cans.

After a month, the initial layer was covered over with wheat-pasted, digitally-printed wallpaper that features a further two patterns with spiritual and cultural associations.

Hatiq says, “This is a living mural that will organically change over time as the top layer erodes, revealing different patterns underneath. Everyone will see a different version of the mural. It has been created using the three core elemnts of Islamic art: calligraphy, arabesque and geometry.”

You can find out more about Teakster by visiting his website or following him on Instagram.

4. The Studio Wall 

L127 is an art activist, insatiable book reader and vinyl junkie. He used his unique artistic style to paint one of his trademark street-art style images on the studio wall. His first ever large-scale painting, the symbolic birds and patterns he creates represent different aspects of life.

L127 at Wycombe Arts Centre
Lorraine M. Tong Art at Wycombe Arts Centre

5. The Art Door #1

Located outside the Cafe Space, The Art Door, features a passionate, soulful piece called Illumination by artist, performer and dancing baker Lorraine M. Tong. Lorraine planned the piece to reflect her combined passions for dance, performance and art.

Lorraine has been a friend of the Arts Centre since our early days (when we were called Arts4Every1), and she’s a regular face at our open mic nights and other events. She also runs a stall for the Dancing Baker on Wycombe Market on a Saturday, so be sure to stop by and pick up some delicious cakes and goodies!

6. The Pavement Piece #1

Our first piece of street art was an 8×8″ square at the side of our Cafe Space. Painted at our rebrand party in May 2018 by Darrell Forpe, this awesome street piece features Beast on the way back to his creative dojo in the FreeDoom realm…

Darrell is a graphic designer by day, working just down the road in Marlow. We’re super inspired by the alternate world he’s created, as well as his skills as a comic creator and street art storyteller! You can check out his amazing work (and buy prints and zines) at Death by 

Home is Where the Art is, Darrell Forpe 2018 Masonry paint and acrylic inks.