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Welcome to the New-Look!

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If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you’ve probably noticed that things are looking a little different around here. That’s because you’re currently looking at the brand new!

We’ve been keeping busy over the last few months working with resident photographer and talented web developer Neil Marshment of Neil Marshment Photography to update and upgrade our side to make us better prepared for the future.

The brand new website is still a work-in-progress, and we already have a bunch of tweaks and changes that we want to make, but we think it’s a fantastic start for us to build upon and it offers a number of advantages over the old one.

Wycombe Arts Centre Homepage

The idea is to give us a more solid foundation that we can continue to build on. The new site is faster and more up-to-date, and it will also allow us to add new features in the coming months.

At the moment, our main focus is to switch to a calendar design for our events listings, and in future we hope to add memberships, eCommerce (for badges, pens, tshirts and other Wycombe Arts Centre goodies) and more!

The new site build also gave us a chance to revisit our content and to make a number of updates, from making sure that everyone was included in our Meet the Team page to sharing our policies and our approach to mitigating risk from COVID-19.

Our goal was for the site to better represent the diversity of the arts centre, its staff and its visitors while creating a site that can take us from where we are now to where we want to be.

Covid Precautions at Wycombe Arts Centre
"We put in a lot of hard work to make the new site a reality, but we're very happy with it and can't wait to see how it continues to evolve. Well done to everyone involved!"
Dane Cobain
Dane Cobain
Marketing Manager

The new site itself has been a work-in-progress for the last four months or so and came together after a monumental effort from everyone in the team. In particular, we’d like to thank Neil Marshment (developer), Dr. Caroline Eliot (project manager) and Dane Cobain (copywriter) for all of the hours they’ve put in.

But even though the new site is launched, we’re not done yet! There will almost always be something else that needs doing to make sure that it’s catering to the needs of both ourselves and our community, and we’ll be updating it on a regular basis with new projects, new blog posts and more.

We also have plans to continue to work on the images we’re using, so don’t be surprised when you see photographers at our events. They’re probably helping out the website team!

If you have any feedback to share (or any images of Wycombe Arts Centre that you think we should use), please feel free to drop an email to and we’ll forward it on to the web team. In the meantime, thanks so much for stopping by, and here’s to the future! 

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